Business Process Management

We always make sure that we deliver:

  • Correctness
  • Completeness
  • Commitment to deadline

Data Processing

Java R&D proves its capacity and expertise to process any kind of data. We relieve companies of day to day business data process, allow companies to cut cost and focus on their core competency.

Key Feature

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The BPO market is expected to grow from about $405 billion last year to $682.5 billion in 2008, according to research firm IDC

We process any kind of data including:


  • Supplier invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Statements
  • Delivery Notes

Document Coding

Java R&D uses the innovative and state of art technologies to deliver most accurate, secure and cost-efficient document coding services in the industry. We are constantly empowering ourselves with new methods and effective procedure to efficiently extract quick information. We offer both domestic and overseas coding at competitive price and deemed quality. Our QA/QC processes guarantee accuracy and timely delivery. The process for document coding includes:

Capture Bibilographic and
Subjective Data

Organizes and compiles data for future database,spreadsheet logfiles, overlays and graphics

crating coding manual to ensure smooth retrieval of information

XML Conversion

Extensible markup language (XML) is the universally accepted data format for the structured and unstructured content on the web and is a subset of SGML. For the documents to be easily retrieved and shared on different platforms, there is nothing good then XML format. We can convert unstructured paper, microfilm or scanned document into XML format.

Document Imaging

Data imaging is all about converting the paper to electronic image. It provides solutions to the Document Storage and sorting problems that many companies are facing today. We involve OCR, ICR to recognize the contents of document. Many fields of data are captured in custom application which is used for downstream processing such as mailings, order processing, or financial systems.

e-Business Offering

E-Business offers you a very new wide range of opportunities and channels to make revenues for your company. Your company can exploit the ubiquitous, global nature of the World Wide Web to access new customers in new markets almost as easily as they serve local customers. Companies are increasing investment on e-business applications and taking steps to shore up their security to give customers and business partners peace of mind.