Vision, Mission and Values

Our Quality Process

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Process definition :

Create flowcharts, process maps, or SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process steps, outputs, customers) diagrams to represent the process as it exists

Process measurement -

Establish metrics and measurement systems for quantifying process steps. Consider cycle times, costs, materials and resources used, defects produced, and variation. Calculate process capability to understand process performance.

Process improvement -

Reduce variation by systematizing and streamlining the process.

Process control -

Establish a control plan to sustain improvements. Continue to track process metrics and use control charts to keep performance within requirements.



Java R&D is known for their competence, professional standing and energy. They have been recruited on the basis of the quality and breadth of their experience, as well as on their sense of initiative, service, innovation and team spirit. Our employees have on average 13 years of experience and many significant achievements to their credit. Most are active members of recognized professional associations. Java R&D's professionals specialize in the fields of information systems, telecommunications, and the management of technological change. This blend of skills enables Java R&D to offer a full range of integrated services. Java R&D is about people. Our people have made Java R&D one of the outstanding companies in our industries. Highly Expertise Business Analyst. Network Specialist. High-performance computing architects. Quality Assurance Specialist. Informaticians. Cybersecurity specialists. Ethical hackers. Java R&D's growth as a company is attributable, among others, to the commitment of all of Java R&D's members to the company's fundamental values which the management has always embraced.

Operating Model

Java R&D's effective and efficient Enterprise Architecture provides the foundation for flexible and scalable responses to change. The Architecture provides the framework that facilitates rapid application development and allows continuing technological innovation. Java R&D's operates on following operational components of Enterprise Architecture:

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Business Architecture :

the business process which defines the enterprise- based on its mission and goals.

Data Architecture :

the data manipulated by applications, on the technology, to perform the business processes.

Applications Architecture :

the systems and user interfaces that define how the business functions are performed.

Technology Architecture :

the infrastructure of processors, networks, storage, and software through which services are delivered. These operational components support the IT Architecture Principles which states the preferred architectural direction.
By developing an Enterprise Architecture foundation and operating within it, Java R&D delivers business functionality through IT in a more timely and cost effective manner. Our goal is to provide finest software quality solutions which exceed our customers' expectations.



To be globally recognized for increasing business efficiency.
To provide innovative business software solutions to make our clients' business effective & efficient, thereby providing the greatest return on investment.
Integrity, leading change, excellence, respect for the individual, learning and sharing.