Project Incubation

What is Project Incubator ?

This enables individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial setups to get all the expert advice and technical guidance and all other required resources that they need to survive for a longer time unlike most other entrepreneurial ventures that fizzle out within a few months of their launch.

Why Project Incubator?

  • Not a penny spent
  • Experience what it’s like to manage a full project
  • Detect and help the most innovative projects.
  • Learn Entrepreneurship with our resources
  • No Losses
  • Improve your personality
  • Meet CEOs & VPs
  • Sell your product and grow
  • Work in same office
  • Observe & Learn
  • Take decisions & manage full project

How it All Works ?

We will accept the proposals from the next year 2016 onwards... Start-up incubation programs provide support functions, mentorship and resources to individual entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial setups


WE’RE LOOKING FOR BRILLIANT, IMPASSIONED AND SERIOUS EXCEPTIONS People who understand and share in our passion for the Idea core values) Think for the idea.. how to develop.. what your services are ... and Why users will really want to use it. Start thinking like an entrepreneur ! Ideas turning to Billion $$$ Companies