Why Java R&D

Business Aspects

Java R&D's competitive advantage and the source of great value to our customers come not only from our expertise in e-business and application management, but from several aspects of our unique business model.

  • Developmet Process & Quality
  • Compliance Management
  • Innovative Offshore Development Approach
  • Operating Model and Competencies


  • Java R&D has always been 'project oriented' as opposed to staffing-oriented.
  • People, technology and process model were built from the ground up for this purpose.
  • Always been more Focused and mobility.
  • Providing world class quality at affordable price.
  • Believes in problem resolution from the root.

Our Quality Process

Java R&D has developed an innovative, flexible and personal approach to providing services. We structure each relationship to meet our client's unique business goals and build in flexibility to meet current and future needs. Java R&D employs a compelling and unique global delivery model, a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution to our client's IT needs. Many modern quality management initiatives depend upon a process approach to improvement. Rather than focusing on improving the end result of a product or service, we emphasize incremental improvement to the processes that create the end product or service. Our Process management consists of applying techniques and tools to improve process effectiveness, hold the gains, and ensure process integrity in fulfilling customer requirements:

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Process definition :

Create flowcharts, process maps, or SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process steps, outputs, customers) diagrams to represent the process as it exists

Process measurement -

Establish metrics and measurement systems for quantifying process steps. Consider cycle times, costs, materials and resources used, defects produced, and variation. Calculate process capability to understand process performance.

Process improvement -

Reduce variation by systematizing and streamlining the process.

Process control -

Establish a control plan to sustain improvements. Continue to track process metrics and use control charts to keep performance within requirements.


Learning and Certification

When you choose Java R&D, our knowledge and experience become yours. You get the technologies, domain expertise and skill sets that your organisation needs for success.

We do take care in maintaining a balance between technical, industry and leadership training. Java R&D is responsible for the quality of the project delivered, that's why we hire the quality people. Java R&D's dedication to the continual improvement of our associates is a part of our culture.

Certifications We Offer

  • Mercury Certification
  • IBM-DB2 Certification
  • Sun Certification
  • Solaris Certification
  • Red-Hat Certification
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Cisco Certification

The benefits you derive as an Java R&D client are the product of your unique values and requirements and Java R&D's superior approach to delivering service and value.